Mireya Malatinta

Mireya lives in a big mansion with her older sister.

She is a school teacher who hates her job.

Mireya has a very active dream life, which sometimes seems to blend with the real one.

She wears three ponytails and likes to hang from her ankles.

Félix Malabar

Félix is a magician, but his magic seems to be based on more than simple illusions.

What secret is this young man hiding?

Udo Corda

Inventor and good friend as can be.

Since Félix and Mireya appeared in his life, each with their strange oddities, he has begun doubting his scientific convictions.

Aurora Malatinta

Mireya's older sister. A ruthless businesswoman, her sister compares her to a shark.

She refuses to give Mireya the inheritance that's rightfully hers.

She lives a reprehensible lifestyle of excess.


Sofía is a maid at the mansion. Not everything is as it seems, she has a big influence in the sisters.

Mireya considers her a friend and Aurora confides in her for her personal affairs.

She is also known to have a beautiful voice.


Mireya's ventriloquist puppet.

Mireya inherited him from her grandfather.

In Mireya's dreams, Henry adquires a life of his own. But his personality seems to also surface somehow when Mireya plays him.