We should try therapy

Uh, so they have a gym complete with a boxing ring just for one short scene.

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  1. Andrew Armstrong

    Concussion may not be the most effective way to resolve differences - unless it includes sufficient memory loss.

    • Inkdolls

      Ouch, that's an angle I hadn't considered.

      But I don't think Mireya would go that far 🙂.

      • Andrew Armstrong

        There is evidence that even minor head injury, not enough to cause immediate problems, can cause dementia later in life - at a younger age than it might otherwise happen. Generally this is the result of repeated minor injuries that you don't notice as an injury. For example football players are at risk.

        • Andrew Armstrong

          I had a bad fall maybe 15 years ago, and was unconscious for no more than a second, but permanently lost some event memories. Also (f'rexample) - driving to visit my mother, I suddenly found myself in a place that it seemed I had never visited before. It was a route I had driven hundreds of times, but one part of it was wiped from my memory and looked like somewhere I had never seen. Luckily the road signs showed me I was in the right place.

          I work as a freelance electronics designer. For about 6 months after the fall I could not understand how to operate some stuff I had designed, let alone understand how it worked. Luckily I recovered the ability to think and I'm working on interesting things, including the radio aspect of a smart city pilot project.

          • Inkdolls

            It's great that you recovered. Keep designing your circuits, sounds awesome.

            I know movies and comics take the dangers of head injury too lightly and I may sometimes go with that flow without thinking.

            But this is a cartoon and these sisters wouldn't ever injure each other.

            • Andrew Armstrong

              Quite right :-) They seem pretty good siblings overall.

  2. conscience*
    Talking while fighting is ALWAYS a good idea. Throws them off.

    • Inkdolls

      Oops! That's embarrassing. Fixed... Thanks!

      Yes, Mireya's talkative nature is a good weapon against her sister.

  3. Tom

    Poor Aurora going down already.  (Her center of gravity is behind her heels.)

    • Inkdolls

      These sisters have a strange relationship.

      I don't draw a lot of fighting scenes. I guess Aurora isn't going to have a graceful landing.

  4. jamie59

    Looking at panel 2 how many times has she connected already?

    • Inkdolls

      I guess like in 'connect a jab'? (I had to look it up).

      I see how you could assume that, but Aurora (black gloves) is just supposed to be bored.

      • jamie59

        It looks like she has bruises on her face that prompted my comment.

        • Inkdolls

          Those little lines are my attempt to give her some distinctive features, but I guess they could look like bruises, poor woman 🙂.