The room is spinning

The 'adventure' ends.

I should have made a panel with a closeup of the hand putting money in the bottle.

10 replies to “The room is spinning”

  1. Fer

    Hola, hace tiempo yo estaba leyendo este comic en español pero ahora solo lo veo en ingles ¿donde puedo seguir leyendolo en español? es que casi no le entiendo al ingles.


    • Inkdolls

      Lo siento mucho, por ahora esta es la única versión.

      De todos modos muchas gracias por el interés.

  2. plymayer

    Hope no one gets sea sick after those drinks and the boat trip.

    • Inkdolls

      Hangovers are quite possible though.

  3. Weiser

    They are nice guys - except they did not solve the riddle, too.

    • Inkdolls

      The riddle is left to reflect upon.

  4. Jamie59

    Got her tipsy & not trying to take advantage. Turn in your man cards guys.

    • Inkdolls

      Um, no. Not taking advantage of her doesn't make them any less of men.

      • HumalaDuck

        Yeah, I'm with you.  I'm sure the original poster meant it as a joke, but...not cool, man.  Not cool.

        • Inkdolls

          Right, maybe in my other comic, but no one there is really taken advantage of.